Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fab Photos

I was going through some of the photos I took recently and thought I would share a few.

Just a warning, they are pretty random. No rhyme, reason or order.

My turkey on the grill...delicious!

Caleb eating cake at a birthday party. Just skip the middle man.
Who needs a fork anyway???

Afton loves cookies.

Watching Miya at her school performance.

Makeup party with my sisters!

"The Look" I know I'll get when she's a

Fun with Moon Sand

Afton jumping off of couches

Surprise birthday parties (do you think she knew???

More snow....ugh!

Now that you're caught up to date I can post pictures from this weekend!

I have a few favorite shots and I can't wait to post them!!

Oh, and I found something else that I absolutely love!!! Which reminds me, I think it's time for another "favorites" post. Ya know? Where I tell you all my favorite things?

That will have to wait until later on in the week.

'Til then, enjoy the photos. More to come tomorrow. Then my new fav.....

Ciao for now!

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Wibeche og Rune said...

I love your pictures. You have beautiful kids:)