Friday, January 2, 2009

I think I'm back

At least, I think I am. Just kidding. I am. Am I?

So...2009, huh? Is it even possible? I still can't believe 2008 slipped right by...

I will say it was a very busy year. I'm praying 2009 is a little less busy and I'd really like to have more quiet, family time.

I'm still in the process of reading A Woman After God's Own Heart and the key phrase that I came away with was "Make no decision without prayer". That implies taking some time before giving a final answer. During that time we are to earnestly seek God's will. Even with the small things that seem so insignificant to us. In reality, they could be the big things.

So, I will be making a conscience effort to take a deep breath & pray before giving an answer to any question I am asked. One thing that will be changing is the amount of commitments we have on any given weekend.

Last year we seemed to have something planned on every weekend. Towards the end of the summer we were running ragged. We were tired. The kids were tired. We didn't have any down time. So, this year we will choose the family commitments that are most important. The rest will have to be declined.

To some that may seem harsh or uncaring. To others it will seem that family isn't important. It's actually quite the opposite. Family is very important to us. However, we have a responsibility to our marriage and our children. So, those will be our priorities.

That is just one commitment for the new year.

The next one is a more personal one (not that the first one wasn't).

I would really like to simplify our home, our life, our possessions, and our living area. I look around and think, "Do we really need all this?"

One thing I love to collect is mugs. I love pretty ones, I love unique ones, I love special and meaningful ones and I have a very hard time getting rid of mugs. I feel like I'm tearing off a limb. Ok, so not to that extreme, lets just say it's hard.

Another thing about me is I love coffee. Love it. Drink it every day. A few times a day.

I drink my coffee out of those mugs. The mugs that have memories attached to them. The mugs I received as gifts from special people. The mugs that have taken over my cabinet and is now overflowing it.

I realized I am holding on to memories and I feel bad if I give one away. So, I've come up with a solution. I will pass on, give away, or share a mug with someone. Before I give it up I will take a picture of it. Then I will make a collage of all my mugs and hang it on the wall. That way I can make room for new, special mugs without forgetting my first favorites.

Of course, some will always have a place in my overcrowded cupboard, but most will be "recycled".

We'll see how well that "commitment" works out. I have high hopes.

I have other goals for my domain.

The third is to clear out my cookbooks and keep only my very favorites. Plus, I want to put together my own cookbook with my families favorite dishes.

So, I think that is a pretty good start for now. I have many more resolutions, but those are the ones that I've been dwelling on the most.

My goal is to make this home warm, inviting, and peaceful. It's not cluttered, but I do have things that need to be "rearranged" in order to make it less "busy". I want this home to a place of relaxation and comfort. My home is my calling. My family is my life work. I want to honor God with what He's given me and I want to have a home that is used for His glory. I can do that with a well organized home.

Feel free to share your resolutions, priorities, aspirations, dedications and wishes for the new year.

I will have to come back with some fun pictures.

You'll just love what happens when you have an empty cardboard box, a cat, stuffed animals, two children and a baby doll. Any guesses? I'll have to let the pictures do the talking (with a little narration from me)

Until then I'll leave you with pictures of my boy doing what he does best.

He waited all night to be able to do that. Patient boy.


Wibeche og Rune said...

Happy new year! I am I mew follower of this blog, and I foud your blog very intresting.

I love your post:)


Mommy B said...

Good Job. I like the idea of the pics of mugs.