Saturday, December 13, 2008

An explanation for my unexplained absence

We're homeless.

At least for a couple more days. So far it's been 44 hours since we lost power and boy did we lose it good! They were saying it would be 3-4 days, at least, before power would be restored.

Half of our little town has power and we (of course) live in the half that does not. Thankfully this happened on Friday at 1:20 in the morning, so the weekend was almost here. That way we didn't have to toss work into an already crazy schedule.

So, for now we're vagabonds, nomads, wanderers...who just happen to sleep at my in-laws place until our house is warmer than 44 degrees in the daytime!

Prayers would be much appreciated since we're anxious to get home. Caleb was telling us tonight it was time to go home and it was really hard having to tell him we couldn't yet. It's so tough for him to understand. Otherwise the kids are doing pretty good, the parents are doing pretty good (Mike's and we are so thankful to his parents for being will to add a little bit of family hecticness to their otherwise quiet and peaceful life.

Thanks Mom and Dad...we love you very much and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We appreciate you giving us a warm place to sleep!

Now I'm off to catch up on a bit of sleep!

Stay warm and thank God for your houses, apartments, condo's or mobile homes!

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