Friday, May 23, 2008


I don't know about you, but I am so excited for the long weekend! Not to say I'll be sitting around eating bonbons, one could only dream!

No....this weekend will be busy, just without the normal work schedule.

Just to recap a bit...

Afton was with my mom for a few days this week which was good for the both of us. She was the center of attention for a bit (which is good...and bad) and I was able to regroup. The past month has been a little harder on us just because of the age and stage the kids are at. I love being a mom, but parenting is the hardest job in the world!!!!! I've been very consistent in teaching and training the kids and I was definitely feeling it this month. So, the few days she was away was a time to refocus and really pray about how I am parenting.

I picked her up on Wednesday afternoon, but in the two days leading up to it I was praying really hard that the transition would be as smooth as possible. I expected some bumps, but I was praying God would work on my patience and understanding, as well as Afton's attitude and adjusting to "home life". Guess what!? He did...
We had one or two issues, but for the most part everything has been great! Praise God for that!

I did realize that when Afton isn't here there is a flurry of excitement missing! The busyness, the bouncing from one thing to the next, the energy, the endless questions and chatting. Oh yeah...there is also less mess to pick up! I didn't realize how much of a mess she leaves in her wake! Honestly...that child can do some serious damage to a room, any room!

It is nice to have her home though! We missed her a lot and it made me realize how quickly she is growing up and how much I need to treasure her at the place she is in her life! She is so precious! I can't believe I've been blessed with such wonderful children!

I'm hoping that we have a little bit of time on Saturday to relax as a family. Miya is with us this weekend (YAY!!!) so that is awesome! Sunday we're going to visit extended family and then Monday we have been invited to a cookout with some friends! All in all, a busy, family and friend filled weekend!

Enjoy your Friday (and loooong weekend if I don't "chat" with you)

Hopefully I'll have some cool pictures to post from this weekend.

I realized I need to add more photos to my posts to keep things interesting, so lets see what I can come up with....

(my sister took this picture and then sent it to'd she know?)


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