Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A quick trip down memory lane

The other day a series of events got me thinking (dangerous, I know!)

It was Saturday, the day of my sisters dance recital, and I was sitting in the auditorium with Afton, my mom, my sister, and my soon to be sister in law. The recital hadn't started yet so Afton was freely roaming the aisle. Good thing we were in the back! She had her moments of normal 4 1/2 year old behavior like not wanting to sit still, wanting to take endless pictures with our cameras, and eating more M&M's. I was in "mommy mode" so I would answer her endless questions and correct her when she needed it.

Here is the kicker....

My mom looks at me and say, "I hear so much of myself in you when you are talking to Afton. I used to say the same things to you." (Ouch!...ok..just kidding on the "ouch" part)

The second was when I was driving home later that evening. Just before pulling into the grocery store I flipped the radio station and came upon Garrison Keillor. Just hearing his voice and listening to the stories brought me back to a time when I was sitting in the back of my parents car wishing we could listen to something more fun!

Here I was sitting in the parking lot at the grocery store, listening to the radio program I used to hate, laughing, and then (hold on to your seats!) writing something that he said down because I thought it was hilarious!

If that wasn't bad enough I remember my parents listening to Paul Harvey. As a kid, can you say "boring"? As an adult, can you say "informative and entertaining"?

Ummm...yeah...I know...scary!

Ok, here is my list.

Top 3, I mean 4, reasons you know you're becoming like your parents:

1. Your mom says she hears herself in you when you talk to your own daughter (oh boy!)
2. You listen to Garrison Keillor, laugh, then write what he said down so you remember it (gasp)
3. You listen to Paul Harvey and nod your head in agreement or understanding (uh-oh)
4. You listen to Garrison Keillor and Paul Harvey and you don't change the radio station!!

I just hope I have the best of both of my parents!

...and now you know...The Rest of the Story. (My dad will get that one *love you, Dad*)

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Mrs. B. said...

Haha, Garrison Keillor! Love it. He's so cozy...