Thursday, November 17, 2011

God's Knows

  I know I keep slipping in and out of heart is dying to get back to it, but the time to blog consistently is just not there right now.

However, I needed to pop in and say that I am always amazed, humbled and completely blessed when God brings people to mind and directs us to pray for them.  We may not know the how's or why's, but He does.  

Today a friend sent me a message on Facebook just letting me know that while she was brewing some pumpkin spice coffee God brought me to her mind and impressed upon her to pray for me.  This is what she said, "Decided to make some pumpkin spice coffee this afternoon, and prayed for you while it brewed.  Not sure what for, but just that you'd feel God's love and peace today.  Funny how He speaks to us.  Xox."

She had no idea that later on this afternoon I would be attending calling hours for a coworker that passed away suddenly.  He was only 30.

She had no idea, but God did.

Isn't that amazing?  What a mighty and awesome God we serve.  I am so thankful for a loving God and faithful friends.