Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What 2nd Trimester?

Yeah.  I'm pretty sure the 2nd trimester decided to skip over me this pregnancy.  I went right from 1st to 3rd.  Yup, that's right.  I went from feeling sick (with a few weeks of feeling "ok") to feeling like I'm ready to pop with all the 3rd trimester symptoms included.

Can someone explain how or why this would happen?  I was totally looking forward to the 2nd trimester...better known as the "honeymoon stage".  Instead I went from pre-marital counseling to nursing home.  No wedding.  No honeymoon.

I will say that I have not gained nearly as much weight as I did with the other two pregnancies.  So, that is my silver lining, I guess.

Today I am feeling like I could go at any minute.  In fact, it made me realize just how much I need to get straightened out!  Pretty much put a fire under my tush.  Braxton Hicks contractions will do that to you.  After they pass, that is.  And with 7 weeks left in this pregnancy I'm beginning to feel the "oh my goodness we're gonna have another baby in the house" jitters.  Good jitters.  Jitters nonetheless.

So, here's to no 2nd trimester to speak of.  Kankles.  3rd trimester symptoms up the wazoo.  No sleep.  Waddling.  Lansinoh.  Swelling fingers.  Last minute preparations.  Pillows surrounding my body when I sleep.  A very healthy, active baby.  BOOBS!  A very excited brother and sister.  Cute cloth diapers.  Not knowing the sex of the baby.

...and most of all?

The blessing of another love bug!!

And, yes,  I would/will do this again in a heartbeat!  

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