Monday, July 19, 2010

A pond, fireworks & a screeching moth

Saturday started nice & early with my cleaning job.  My hubby thinks I'm crazy for cleaning beach rental units in the dead of summer, in the heat & humidity while being 25 weeks pregnant.  I tend to agree however I keep thinking of the extra money, the exercise (HA!) & it only lasting until September.  That's what gets me through.  That and knowing I have a green tea latte from Starbucks with my name on it.   Mmmmm.

From there I ran home to shower & get ready & then we were off again!  This was the day of our annual trip to Tucker Pond to visit our out of state family who is here for the summer.  The day was really nice albeit a little hot for this expanding girl, however who am I to complain!  I wasn't cleaning rental units & I could sit down.  Worked for me!

It was a great day & the kids absolutely loved swimming with Uncle Tim, eating & taking the boat out for a row with Daddy!  

Afton's "Mom!  There's a bee around you!" face. 
Complete with ketchup.

After that we were off to see some fireworks in a small town 40 minutes away.  I just LOVE how this town waits to put on their fireworks show (which, by the way, is awesome!!!).  There is no competing with surrounding towns on July 4th & since it's a small town the traffic getting out is never bad. 
Unfortunately I didn't take a ton of pictures before the fireworks.  Sad, I know.  I can tell you though it was a great time!  Frisbee, running (not by be), food, nail polish (yes..we're girls!), laughter, was great!

Can I just say the fireworks display was awesome.  I think I may have mentioned that already, but it definitely needs to be repeated!

Now, you may think the excitement ends there, but trust me....more was about to be had.

So, we're driving home & we have about an hour and 15 minute ride home give or take a few minutes.  Mike & I are looking at the time thinking we "wow, we're not doing too bad."  A few minutes later Caleb says, "I have to go poopy."  

Ugh...time to find a bathroom.  "Ok honey.  Try to hold it for a few minutes while we find a bathroom."

Now this town is not near a bathroom of any kind.  So we have to drive at least 10 - 15 minutes.

First gas station (yuck)...closed.

Second gas station (yuck)...closed.

Burger king (not bad)...closed.  Seriously?!?!  It's 10:20!  

Third gas station (grrrr)!  Yay!  

So, Mike takes Caleb in while I stay in the van with the girls.  Just as the boys are walking out Afton says, "I have to go potty!"   Grrr...again.  Now it's a a good thing she says it now before we're on the highway, but by this time it was getting late & we just wanna get home.

So, in I tromp with Afton.  Line the seat, "don't touch the potty!", wash your hands and we're good!


...and we're back on the road!  
So, we're driving kids are chatty for some reason & the rest of the van riders are tired.  I feel a tickle on my arm.  Thinking it's a hair or something I brush it off AND "IT" SCREAMS AT ME!!!!!  IN MY EAR!

I scream, freak out and start frantically brushing at my clothes.  Now the top I wore just happens to have gems sewed on it so everyone of them feel like a creature!  I'm still frantically brushing and screeching when Mike says, "What should I do?"..."PULL OVER!" ( I really don't care if we're on a major highway...I'm being attacked by a screeching, screaming bug!!!!!)

I jump out of the van looking like a crazed pregnant woman jumping & brushing at her self.  I was seriously going to take my shirt off because I was convinced this screaming bug was down it!  Mike keeps telling me to get in the van because it's not safe and all I can think is it's not safe IN the van or in my own shirt!!!

I finally end up getting in convinced (more like hoping) this creature was gone!  After a few minutes we're laughing about it & everyone is laughing at me.  Mike never heard the screech though.  He thought it was me...LOL.

All of a sudden we a screech!  The van goes deathly silent.  I turn on the light & realize it's coming from the back.  WITH THE KIDS!  As I turn around I see it crawling on Miya's leg.  

Now at this point two things go through my head...
  1. Say something now & have her freak out
  2. Turn around, grab a napkin, turn back around, reach out to get the monster & then say it's on her.
Knowing Miya & knowing how I would react I choose option 2.

So, I reach out to grab it & quietly tell her it's on her leg, I get it just as she starts to freak!  It's in my napkin clad hand & is starting to get out!!  Eeeek!  I open the window and toss creature & napkin out the window.

My first thought was, "I'm sorry I"m littering!"  My second thought was, "Please don't let it fly back in!!"

I begin to laugh out of hysterics & nerves.  My adrenaline is pumping, Afton is crying, Miya is crying & she's mad and she cries out, "Funny to you guys!!!"  This coming from the girl who not 5 minutes before was laughing about how it was on me & it screeched in my ear!  So, we straightened her right was fine after 10 minutes.  

The only child not affected by it?  Caleb.  Not a peep out of him.

The rest of the ride Mike & I were NOT tired!  I think God sent a screaming bug to keep us awake & safe!

Afton & Caleb eventually fell asleep.  Miya got over her 'tude and I never stopped brushing "things" off me.

I still feel it at night when I'm in bed.


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Southern girl in New Hampshire said...

LOL! The screaching bug story is hilarious! I miss you!