Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's keep our wits about us, ok?

This is, by no means, and attempt to minimize those who are sick or have died because of the swine flu. This is just a reminder not to panic. It's also a reminder to keep your head on when it comes to what you read or see in the media. Don't forget, the government feeds us the info it wants us to know and tries to cover up the rest. This is no secret. They are not out to protect us as much as they want us to believe. I'm not being anti government or cynical and I'm not trying to start a conspiracy theory. I'm just telling the truth.

Do your own research though. To start you off I have a few links that I found while blog hopping and internet searching. It helps to keep things in perspective. It also helps to realize that the government spends all this money on the research and development of all sorts of diseases. They are creating this stuff!

Anyway, here are the links. Be informed and careful about what you believe in the media and don't panic.


Terri said...

I agree, Stephanie. People get so worked up about things! We definitely need to keep perspective.

Southern girl in New Hampshire said...

Good job, Steph! People die from seasonal flu everyday too. Perspective and research is good.

Southern girl in New Hampshire said...

Good job, Steph. A little research will tell you that people die from seasonal flu too. Perspective is good.

STEVEN said...

So, did it come out as, "ahbouzhee"?