Saturday, April 11, 2009


I waved to my family as I watched them drive away. 3 little hands and 1 big hand waved back at me. I watched until the van left my sight and even craned my neck a little just to see if I could see a bit more of it. My heart was filled with joy and love.

I thought about how these are the moments I treasure. Loving my husband and my children. Waving to them and having them wave back and me. Walking inside the house and being greeted with remnants from breakfast. Smiling because just a few moments before little feet were running around playing. Listening to the silence & enjoying it for the moment, but being excited for the time when they will come home. Laughing because I know in 5 minutes the phone will ring and it will be Mike *big smile*.

I know this is exactly where God wants me to be. He has blessed me with so much and I deserve so little. Being a mama and a wife has been my calling since childhood. I've always known that. I pray I will remember the blessing it is even at the most difficult times.

God, thank you so much for the family you have blessed me with.


Mommy B said...

I concur - with all the ups, downs and in betweens.

Tamara said...

Where were they going?