Thursday, January 5, 2012


  December and Christmas passed by in a big blur.  All the kiddos were sick starting with Claire and going from youngest to oldest.  High fevers were the telltale sign we were in for a longer illness.  

Usually I am sad to see Christmas end, but this year I found myself not really dwelling on it that much.  Maybe because I was thinking about my kids being healthy.  It's such a hard thing for a mama to watch her babies get sick.

Speaking of I am 9 weeks pregnant!  I have to say there are times I forget I'm pregnant.  I know it's mostly because of how busy I am.  I just don't want to take any moment for granted.  I've been thinking about the two babies we lost to miscarriage before Claire Bear.  I keep praying that God will protect this baby and keep him or her growing strong and healthy.

My other three "babies" are getting SO big!  

Afton is 8 and growing up much too fast for my liking.  She is a little version of me.  It's almost as if we are (sometimes) the same person.  She is aware of everything and knows details to things that even Mike doesn't remember!  She has such a kind, loving heart.  Although she has a selfish streak in her (who doesn't?), but it's something we are working really hard with her on.  Afton is like a little mother to Claire.  She can take over for me if I need to get some stuff done and I know (for the most part) that she'll do a great job.  Sometimes there are a bit TOO many Cheerios being fed to Claire, but I try to let that slide.

Caleb is 6 and is my super sensitive, quiet loner.  Not in a bad way.  Just in a "Caleb" sort of way.  He is content to go into his room, close the door, and play Legos all by himself.  Or he'll just sit on his bed and read a book.  Sensitive though!  Boy, he sure can cry at the drop of a hat.  We're working on him with that and he is doing better.  He loves Claire though and she adores him.  It's so cute to watch!

Claire is 1 and growing too fast for my liking!  How has one year already past??  It's just crazy!  She is smart, sweet, strong willed and SO cute!  She has the prettiest eyes and cutest smile!  She is definitely a mama's girl. I'm not gonna lie...I LOVE that!  We are working with her on signing and is quite successful as signing "more".  As in "more food"!  Man does that girl love to eat!  And when it's time to eat she claps her hands together letting us know she's ready to pray!  

Miya is the oldest and will be 14 in January.  I remember when she was just 4!  Time certainly does get fly and I really notice it when I look at my older kids.  Miya has grown into such a beautiful girl.  She loves to sing and likes to write her own songs.  She's had a bit of a tough year though.  Her mom moved her (again) to another town because she found another guy she wanted to move in with.  Poor Miya had to leave her friends and her school and move to another town that's a little rougher.  She is also struggling spiritually.  Watching her walk away from "her faith" is one of the most difficult things we've had to go through this year.  Hearing her say she doesn't believe in God and question everything is so sad.  Unfortunately she is only with us for 4 days out of the month.  The rest she is with her mother who sadly doesn't care.

I wish you could convince someone of how badly they need the Lord.  Sadly that is not that case as Mike and I have seen with other family members as well.  I pray for them though.  I pray the blinder will fall off and they will see how desperately they need Christ.  How they can't believe what they want to believe and leave the rest.  

Aside from that this past year was very busy and hectic for me as I tried to juggle a new baby, two other children, homeschooling and working from home.  Needless to say it was a challenging and frustrating year.  A huge blessing has been me being able to stop working from home as of January!  I will miss the company I work for, but am so excited to "just" be mommy and wife and do what I'm meant to do here at home.

With all that being said it's been a good year.  We are healthy, we have a home, Mike has a job, we have food on our table and clothes on our back.  We have an amazing church family and are so blessed with amazing really!

We are truly blessed and I am so thankful to God that He saved me and chose to bless me with my husband, my family and our church.  I do not take any of it for granted.  I don't deserve such amazing blessings, but thank Him for blessing me anyway.

Here is to 2012!


Irritable Mother said...

Oh, I ache for your Miya. My daughter has a friend who has been in a similar circumstance - moving across country so mom could be with boyfirend. (Fortunately, that move is what brought said friend to Michigan, so we can be part of her life.) This girl misses her home terribly. I pray God will use us to display His love.
And I pray He will grab hold of Miya's heart, as well.

katie godsey said...

Hey Stephy - 2012 is here,eh? How did it happen? I enjoy your reflections on the life God has given you - He is awesome, and your heart is one that follows him. Plus, I can make you laugh so hard stuff flies out your nose and I LOVE that. xoxo