Friday, May 29, 2009

Virtual Shopping

Everyone once in a while I get this strong urge to do some shopping.
Unfortunately I'm not independently wealthy so I keep a list of all the cute things I see it magazines and satisfy my urge by looking at them online. I usually make a wish list. Ya know...just in case!

Here is my list on this lovely, rainy Friday. Enjoy!

Sweet Grass Farm

I love their soaps and they really aren't that expensive. Except that I want everything!

Sommer Designs Collection

Check out their full & hostess aprons. How adorable!!!


I love, love, love this pie dish! Perfect for apples pies and, well, any pie for that matter!


This would be for all the gardening I hope to be doing!


...and this would be for the newest love bug due in orange of course!

So, those are just a few things I was drooling over this afternoon.

Thanks for coming with me on my virtual shopping spree! I feel so much better already...ahhhh.

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